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Our Services


The ActionDrone team makes its long experience on movie, TV and advertising sets available to customers. ActionDrone differences itself from other competitors for its ability to drone’s planning, creation and test. All of these aspects let us understand the equipments’ limits and possibilities, giving safety and a good quality service to our customers. The latest technologies and the set actions’ awareness promise great and emotional results in every shooting situation.


ActionDrone projects and creates its professional drones. Furthermore it continuously renewes them following the technological progress of the sector. This offers an increasing quality of shooting to customers that daily trust in us. Thanks to our improvements, Action drone has become the benchmark for the best directors, photography executive directors and Italian and European studios. 

Action XL LED

This new use of the XL Drone equipped with a very high brightness LED panel (remotely dimmable up to 64000 lumens) is enjoying huge success.
Directors and Photgraphers are requesting it for the dynamism that an intense light beam can offer during night shooting.
The LED panel, made by 4 projectors, is mounted on our remote head, so we have the total control of the projected beam.


ActionDrone-Easy is born in order to satisfy all needs of those customers that wish maintain high quality products but at the same time don’t have an unlimited budget. ActioDrone-Easy deals with industrial, documentary and architectural projects. ActionDrone-Easy is the ActionDrone’s “G.I.S. Special Force”.

Il Team

Paolo Majolo
Commercial Manager

In ActionDrone he handles relationships with partners and customers. On set he is camera operator in close contact with directors and photography directors.

Loris Rabbit
technical manager

He is ActionDrone’s technical manager and equipments’ designer. On set he is the main pilot and he has Enac certificate for all sceneries.

Alberto Restelli

He is administrative manager in ActionDrone. He is also drone’s pilot and camera operator. Besides he is the second team’s responsable. 

Elia Mangili
Drone Pilot

He is the youngest of the group but he deserves a place in the team as official pilot. He has a critical areas’ certificate.

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